Navigating Trading Markets with Technological Edge

Seamless Trading Accounts Aggregation Platform

One powerful platform navigating all of your online brokerage and exchange trading accounts. With the benefit of aggregation, you can manage all your trading orders centrally across multiple asset classes. When it comes to hunting market opportunities at high frequency, clear visualization tooling with overall performance tracking and strategies classification capabilities across all aggregated accounts will greatly enhance your reach horizontally while delivering efficiencies through simplified user interface management controls.

Proactive Portfolio Monitoring

From our deep research on trading, we find that most individual traders react slower to the market whenever pockets of significant events that impact single or multiple markets occur because they do not have the time to watch the markets closely enough or the kind of portfolio or market alerts that the current offering in the marketplace are not advanced enough to cater for their needs and strategies. This greatly amplifies the inefficiencies when the portfolio is complicated and large. Our core product research and development addresses this gap and our innovation in this area comes in a form of a much more sophisticated multi-condition monitoring over multiple dimensions of a trading instrument.

Insight Anywhere

State-of-the-art platform enabling secure and encrypted access to real-time, ad-hoc, interactive reports of portfolios, positions, and trades anytime and anywhere

Deep Insights on Trading Behaviour

Almost all platforms out in the marketplace focus on best execution and trading P&L performance as core KPIs. However, we believe these 2 factors alone do not give you a full picture of how well your trades really perform in financial markets that are constantly being shaped by the impact of breaking news, moving economic and geopolitical events. We believe gauging trading behaviour is also a very important factor in how successful you capture profits as well as controlling risks, hence we deploy artificial intelligence machine learning to read and analyse psychological aspects of your trading actions for producing profiling and benchmarking insights.

How we enhance your trading experience