Software Engineer

Hong Kong

Fintonium develops next-generation technologies that change how professionals invest in financial markets. Our products handle information at massive scale and speed, and extend well beyond your typical financial trading system. We are looking for engineers from diverse backgrounds who bring fresh ideas from fields such as game development, large-scale system design or highly regulated industries to work on our financial services platform for trading, visual analytics, and machine learning.

What you'll be doing

As a Software Engineer, you’ll be building our cutting edge, next-gen financial trading platform. If you like front end, you’ll get to work on data visualisation and UX projects as well as a very large scale application using Javascript, D3.js, react, webpack and electron. If you’re into the back end, you’ll get to work on creating a stable, multi-process distributed system, with interesting challenges related to large scale performant data streaming, cloud and offline deployments, and third party integrations, using node.js, MongoDB, redis, AWS, docker and possibly a little C++ and Java thrown in for good measure.

As one of our first employees, you’ll also get to help us shape the company culture and values.

Who are we looking for

Fintonium is an engineering startup. If you enjoy solving problems the right way – whether your specialty is in performance optimisation, security, user interface development or something else – we have an environment that values conscientious effort towards appropriate solutions. We’re looking for people that have a proven ability and initiative to learn and research new concepts, ideas and technologies quickly, fulfilling a passion for innovating, inventing, and building.
  • You love finding simple solutions to complex problems, and care about the efficiency and maintainability of software.
  • You put the customer first and write code that will be used by real people. You enjoy considering why and how your customers will use the new features you create.
  • You’ve worked on complex or technical problems in the past and you understand the way that technology needs to integrate with business systems in the real world.
  • You’re interested in joining a team where your contributions will be valued and you can own your own projects.
  • You’re adaptable, able to grow, and learn quickly in a startup environment

We think you will be good at this if

  • You have a few years of experience in software development with general purpose programming languages, including some asynchronous programming experience
  • You have experience with NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB) and in memory data stores (e.g. Redis)
  • You have knowledge of modern web technologies and frameworks including JavaScript, Node.js, D3.js, React, Electron and Docker

We think you’ll be great at this if

  • You make active contributions to open source software
  • You are familiar with Agile methodologies particularly in Kanban and continuous delivery
  • You have a quality focus in your work and think use-case based test driven development is great.

At Fintonium, our culture is to look beyond the short term, and align efforts towards doing things the right way. We believe that investing the time and effort to build strong foundations paves the way for sustainable long-term growth.

For our people, it means an open environment that supports creativity, ownership, and the pursuit of excellence. It is a commitment from us to provide the right resources, clear expectations, and psychological safety.

Send us your CV along with any other information you’d like us to take into consideration (any projects you’ve worked on, Github profile, a link to your blog etc) to We’ll be in touch. If we think you might be a good fit for our team, we’ll arrange to catch up for a chat.